• Acupuncture in Pregnancy

    Acupuncture treatment during pregnancy, and particularly during times when symptoms are experienced, aims to smooth the flow of energy, to promote general wellbeing and can be effective for pregnancy-related symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Towards the end of pregnancy and past the due date, acupuncture is often used to encourage the natural process of labour. 

    Prebirth treatments

    Towards the later stages of pregnancy, more regular, weekly treatments can be given to harmonise the mother's energy and to focus on the process of labour.

    Foetal positioning

    In China, where acupuncture originated, moxibustion (the smouldering of the herb artemisia vulgaris latiflora) has traditionally been used to encourage the baby to turn into a head-down position for labour.  

    Supporting the natural onset of labour

    Women often come to see us near or past their due date to receive acupuncture treatment to balance their energy and encourage the natural onset of labour, prior to a chemical induction.


    For any queries on how we may support you during your pregnancy, please contact us for individual advice.